Fixed: Xiaomi Mi 4i Speaker Problem

Today i got weird problem with Xiaomi Mi 4i speaker/loudspeaker sound. It seems got a ┬álot of noise and the sound doesn’t feel right. But if i set to lower volume, the sound get better but still i could notice that something wrong with this.

Going around android and xiaomi sites and forums almost half-day, mostly people said that is the hardware problem and need to go for service center which i know i need to spend some money on it until i found the post from a really good guy who save my day Charan_with_mi which his post at MIUI Forum suggest to do hardware/speaker calibration and magically it solve my problem. Thanks man!

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Test Internet/Connection Speed from Linux Command Line

See complete post of Test Internet/Connection Speed from Linux Command Line

Do you use Ubuntu Server? or have a VPS or Dedicated Server hosting that runs Linux which only can be accessed via Console/Command Line/SSH? I Do! And now i want to check whether if the hosting company give me correct package of dedicated bandwidth for my server…

Yes, most people would think about speedtest.net, the most popular and distributed internet/connection speed test in the world. But the problem is speedtest.net is using a website and my server cannot open a web page and run the test widget there… Fortunately there is a “speedtest-cli” built on python and support any operating system as long as can run python code.

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