Fixed: Xiaomi Mi 4i Speaker Problem

Today i got weird problem with Xiaomi Mi 4i speaker/loudspeaker sound. It seems got a ┬álot of noise and the sound doesn’t feel right. But if i set to lower volume, the sound get better but still i could notice that something wrong with this.

Going around android and xiaomi sites and forums almost half-day, mostly people said that is the hardware problem and need to go for service center which i know i need to spend some money on it until i found the post from a really good guy who save my day Charan_with_mi which his post at MIUI Forum suggest to do hardware/speaker calibration and magically it solve my problem. Thanks man!

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CAM, TS, SCR, DVDRip, etc Video Types

Hi, when i’m going to choose some videos to download, there is some label that shown in various files, such as “CAM”, “TS”, “SCR”, and “DVDRip”. What is it? Does it mean something? I’m curious about that and start searching about this topic. Finally i found it! that’s the type of videos from what or how the videos created. Let me expain about those types with my own word from combining from many sources and references.

  1. CAM
    CAM is a rip from digital video camera. Usually the videos was recorded on movie theatres with tripod or something but because that’s recording on movie theatre, there is a very small chance the record is clean. It may come with camera shake, shouting people or laughing, and a someone’s shadow blocking the camera. The quality also very low the audio isn’t clear because of much other sounds and the video is dark because recorded on movie theatre which is on dark condition when the movie playing.
    TELESYNC is slight better than CAM, TS also use digital camera for recording the video or movies but the TS video commonly use other audio source, it maybe directly taken from the original output so TS will be better at audio quality than CAM because there are smaller chance to get audio noise.
    TELECINE is a rare method. TC will copy directly from movie reels and make it to video format. This form of video is rarely found when we want to download some video.
    SCREENER is generated from the movie which was sent to someone or somewhere in order to get review or promotional reason. On SCREENER videos, we may find a running text or some text that prohibit the copying of this video or showing the copyright of the video. SCREENER usually transferred to VCD form or SVCD for better result.
    Same as SCREENER but DVDscr is transferred to DVD form.
  6. DVDRip
    DVDRip is getting from the original release of DVD so the quality of the result is quite good. The original release of DVD is ripped by some software and transferred to video form and stored to hard disk. DVDRip also can be found with DivX or XviD name.

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