Running Routes Near Jababeka, Cikarang

Looking for running routes that comfortable in industrial area such Jababeka Cikarang is nearly impossible. But there is some places that i think as the best places to try when you’re looking for running routes.

  1. Wibawa Mukti Stadium: Outer Ring (0.7 km)

    Wibawa Mukti is a brand new stadium (2015) which is going to be the main stadium of Bekasi Regency Government. And as same as the other stadium, the outer area is flat and spacious. Trying to run in the outer ring area is good enough to burn some calories. Currently the stadium is still under construction then the inner side still unavailable for public use.
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  2. Jababeka Botanical Triangle Route (1.1 km)

    Looking for more refreshing area? there isn’t any better area than Jababeka Botanical Garden in the morning to do some activities. When you’re still trying to run, this route is the best with around a kilometer (1.1km) with nearby parking location at Farmer’s Market. Prepare for 5K run here with doing 4 laps each day.
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  3. Jababeka Movieland Loop (2.8 km)

    The third alternative route for Jababeka Running route, start from across street of Farmer’s Market and go to Giant Hypermarket, take a left turn and run on the new road of Movieland area. With 2.8 km length, this is the great route to have a morning run.
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  4. Jababeka Botanical to D’ Khayangan (4.1 km)

    Back again at botanical garden, ready for 5K long run? Try this route, start from banyan tree at the west side (near Farmer’s Market) then just run straight to the most east side of the garden, take a left turn towards D’ Khayangan building and just go back to the starting point. You will get 4.1 km in this route, still not enough? try to add it up with the triangle route after you finish this.
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How To: Import Running Activity from Nike+ to Strava

Yeah… I got a new hobby: Running and our community getting bigger and bigger. At first i just using Nike+ Running and it’s a good application to keep you running as a beginner runner. Nike+ keep showing your friends running miles/kilometers so you will be motivated to pass them, and the feature which i love the most is the color code for your accumulated distances and yeah i still at orange level (>50km).

Okay then why the title is likely about moving from Nike+ to Strava? Strava is another choices when you talk about run tracking, then why? The main reason is the leaderboard feature and creating my own segment for that.

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Integrating GCC MinGW with Eclipse IDE

Recently, i need to work with C/C++ projects which i’ve never done it before in my job. I was working with HTML5/Javascript using Eclipse as it’s the Smart TV main IDE. I always know that Eclipse is a good guy and it should be able to do C/C++ development since i’ve seen C/C++ developer edition in download page, now the challenge is how to make my current eclipse (Smart TV IDE) able to compile and run the C/C++ codes.

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Lupa PIN Kartu ATM Bank Mandiri

Sorry, this page is in Indonesian. To read in English please use Google Translated Page

Dongg!!! Mungkin blog post ini cocok dibaca untuk para pejuang senasib dengan apa yang terjadi kepada saya. Lupa PIN Kartu ATM, dan kali ini mengenai ATM dari Bank Mandiri. Untuk itu silahkan lanjutkan membaca cerita ini untuk mengetahui bagaimana proses mendapatkan kembali PIN anda.

Pertama pastikan anda tidak termasuk orang dengan kasus dibawah ini, karena solusi ini mungkin tidak berlaku untuk kondisi anda:

  1. Kartu ATM Hilang
  2. Buku Tabungan Hilang
  3. Tidak punya KTP/Identitas pembuatan rekening
  4. PIN yang lupa bukan PIN ATM Mandiri
  5. Tidak memiliki rekening Bank mandiri

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Test Internet/Connection Speed from Linux Command Line

See complete post of Test Internet/Connection Speed from Linux Command Line

Do you use Ubuntu Server? or have a VPS or Dedicated Server hosting that runs Linux which only can be accessed via Console/Command Line/SSH? I Do! And now i want to check whether if the hosting company give me correct package of dedicated bandwidth for my server…

Yes, most people would think about, the most popular and distributed internet/connection speed test in the world. But the problem is is using a website and my server cannot open a web page and run the test widget there… Fortunately there is a “speedtest-cli” built on python and support any operating system as long as can run python code.

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