Fixed: Xiaomi Mi 4i Speaker Problem

Today i got weird problem with Xiaomi Mi 4i speaker/loudspeaker sound. It seems got a  lot of noise and the sound doesn’t feel right. But if i set to lower volume, the sound get better but still i could notice that something wrong with this.

Going around android and xiaomi sites and forums almost half-day, mostly people said that is the hardware problem and need to go for service center which i know i need to spend some money on it until i found the post from a really good guy who save my day Charan_with_mi which his post at MIUI Forum suggest to do hardware/speaker calibration and magically it solve my problem. Thanks man!

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Fixed: Push Notification Problem on Xiaomi MIUI for LINE and Whoscall

Several weeks ago, i put my Samsung Galaxy S3 to the rest and choose Xiaomi MI4i as my new companion as my communication assistant. But i found a little bugging problem for my two beloved apps: Line and Whoscall. Line is one of most popular instant messaging application for mobile platforms which enable you to send very attractive stickers and free voice calls to a friends. While the whoscall is very helpful to block the telemarketing and unwanted calls.

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How To: Import Running Activity from Nike+ to Strava

Yeah… I got a new hobby: Running and our community getting bigger and bigger. At first i just using Nike+ Running and it’s a good application to keep you running as a beginner runner. Nike+ keep showing your friends running miles/kilometers so you will be motivated to pass them, and the feature which i love the most is the color code for your accumulated distances and yeah i still at orange level (>50km).

Okay then why the title is likely about moving from Nike+ to Strava? Strava is another choices when you talk about run tracking, then why? The main reason is the leaderboard feature and creating my own segment for that.

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South East Asia SamsungForum 2013

South East Asia - Samsung Forum 2013

Ah… finally i got a chance to write some post here again. 😀

A week ago, i was going to Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta. There was a South East Asia Samsung Forum 2013, many people there, all of Samsung Marketing guy from all across SEA gather to discuss many things, but that’s not my business. I were there to spot the latest generation of Samsung’s Technology… Let’s spot them

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Telkomsel 3445 Text Message

What the hell… Thursday evening, August 14, 2011 i got a message from 3445 telkomsel. It said that my phone bill already reached Rp. 770,079. First i think that message was system fault but after i checked again with *888# it said my bill already reached Rp. 900k OMG! The next thing that appear in my mind was the internet package so i checked it, “UL INFO” send to 3636 but it said that i didn’t registered any internet packages. That’s the problem, i still have a message that said i’m registered the unlimited internet packages until August 10th.

Next day, of course i’m going to telkomsel’s customer services, fortunately the CS said there is a system error so my bill will be recalculated and i can go home. Hwoa… that was a shocking messages i can’t imagine paying 900k just for a month for phone bill.