Fixed: Push Notification Problem on Xiaomi MIUI for LINE and Whoscall

Several weeks ago, i put my Samsung Galaxy S3 to the rest and choose Xiaomi MI4i as my new companion as my communication assistant. But i found a little bugging problem for my two beloved apps: Line and Whoscall. Line is one of most popular instant messaging application for mobile platforms which enable you to send very attractive stickers and free voice calls to a friends. While the whoscall is very helpful to block the telemarketing and unwanted calls.

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Integrating GCC MinGW with Eclipse IDE

Recently, i need to work with C/C++ projects which i’ve never done it before in my job. I was working with HTML5/Javascript using Eclipse as it’s the Smart TV main IDE. I always know that Eclipse is a good guy and it should be able to do C/C++ development since i’ve seen C/C++ developer edition in download page, now the challenge is how to make my current eclipse (Smart TV IDE) able to compile and run the C/C++ codes.

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Test Internet/Connection Speed from Linux Command Line

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Do you use Ubuntu Server? or have a VPS or Dedicated Server hosting that runs Linux which only can be accessed via Console/Command Line/SSH? I Do! And now i want to check whether if the hosting company give me correct package of dedicated bandwidth for my server…

Yes, most people would think about, the most popular and distributed internet/connection speed test in the world. But the problem is is using a website and my server cannot open a web page and run the test widget there… Fortunately there is a “speedtest-cli” built on python and support any operating system as long as can run python code.

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If-Else vs If-If vs Switch Javascript Performance

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There are three major conditional syntax that used widely in almost all programming language: If, If-else, Switch. Now then which type of conditional is going to give fastest execution time so our software may perform better even it’s just micro optimization.

Of course many of us will said that there is no chance that “if if” or “multiple if” is going to be fastest type. So which is fastest? Switch or If Else…

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Samsung Smart TV Application: Playing 3D Media

3D Media become well-known feature on the latest TV products. It will give unique user experience for the users to show lively images right in front of their eyes. Samsung Smart TV bring possibilities to developers to create an application with 3D Media Playback feature. The requirements is just right 3D media format and Samsung Smart TV SDK and of course the real Smart TV device to try the result.

The common format of 3D media is side-by-side images or videos. It looks like the photo below…

Images from

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