Langkawi: Seven Wells Waterfall

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Seven wells waterfall or Telaga Tujuh, probably is the easiest waterfall to go in Langkawi compared to other 2 (Durian Perangin and Temurun). The location is very near with Panorama Langkawi so if you are planning to go there try to visit this waterfall. When you’re coming from Panorama Langkawi, instead turn right to town area take left turn and drive around 5 minutes you will reach parking area and only cost RM2 for a car.

This waterfall consist of 2 parts, the uphill part where the surrounding view is astonishing. From uphill part you can see the SkyCab cable car and ocean view. There are also few small pools with clear water to refresh your body after walking uphill but beware of monkeys, yes there are few monkeys on the way up.

If you’re not really adventurous person to reach the uphill no worries, the downhill part also quite fantastic (see first photo) and also there are some larger (and deeper) pools there. The rocks formation at uphill part is smoother than the downhill so be careful of slipped and fell down as it’s quite high.

Alright, just go there and play some water and don’t forget to take some amazing photos 🙂

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