Langkawi: Panorama SkyCab Cable Car

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Panorama Langkawi, a must see attraction in Langkawi. It’s quite popular so if you plan to go here during the peak season then I suggest to get here in the early morning. The park itself open at 9.30 and at my visit i reach there just around 10am but the queue already amazing, need to queue around 45 minutes to get a car for upfill trip.

If you’re not really good with cold winds then make sure you bring sweater or jacket, the winds at the middle and top station is outstanding and be careful that your stuffs may blown away. After you reach top station, you can to go to SkyBridge which cost RM5 by walking or RM15 with SkyGlide which i feel not worthed and eventually that day was unfortunate for me as the wind is too strong and the SkyBridge is closed.

Apart from SkyBridge the interesting thing here also there are people who put “love locks” on the top station there. So if you are going here with your boy/girlfriend then you can try 🙂

Want to know how it looks like inside the SkyCab? Watch this video which is taken during the trip from top station to the base station at Oriental Village.

2 Thoughts on “Langkawi: Panorama SkyCab Cable Car

  1. Debashis guha niyogi on April 24, 2017 at 4:47 am said:

    Apart from 5 or 15 ringett are there any other costs involved. Thanks

    • imkrisna on April 24, 2017 at 4:54 am said:

      Hi, to reach the skybridge you need to get skycab RM55 (international price) and either RM5 or 15 to go to skybridge.

      Apart from that only parking fee that i can think of. Of course there are several other things there that are not included in the basic package

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