Penang: Leaving with Jetty to Butterworth

Please read all penang trip series:

  1. Arriving at Airport and go to George Town
  2. Leaving Pulau Pinang by Jetty to Butterworth

Going in and out from penang also can be done by jetty, let’s try something else right 🙂 The ferry/jetty terminal is located at George Town to Butterworth train station and fortunately almost all bus lines in penang are going there so wherever you stay doesn’t matter, you can go to the ferry easily. Another good parts there is near to the can jetty houses where while waiting your train schedule you can visit there and see the traditional malaysian-chinese fisherman houses.

As we reach at mainland port, there will be a lot of signboard to direct you to Butterworth train station and don’t worry it still in walking distance from the port. Unfortunately there was nothing in Butterworth even small cafe or restaurant to wait the train so i highly suggest to wait at pulau pinang side if your train schedule still more than 2 hours.

Hey enjoy your trip if you plan to go to penang and please leave comments below especially if you have stories about your visit to penang.

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