Bus Trip from Bandar Utama to Genting Highland

Hi there, greetings from Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Yes, i just move here this year and hope it will bring more luck on my life. Let’s back to the title, in short this is my first trip after landed in Malaysia. This post will share about how to go to Genting Highland (Skyway) from Petaling Jaya (Bandar Utama/1Utama).

Okay, first you have to know i was go by Go Genting Express Bus. If you prefer taking a other public transportation, this post might not give you much information. By taking express bus, you should save much time because there won’t be any stop and you can book your seat even several days before (i book 1 day before)

Go Genting Express bus terminal located at Dataran Car Park 1Utama new wing building, the exact same place with Skybus terminal when you want to go to KLIA2. There are also bus to Singapore, Johor Bahru and Penang so i would like to cover those location in my next trip (hopefully). Just look for the room next to waiting area you should notice it easily with “Resort World Genting” sign there.

If you plan to take the skyway, you also can buy at this place so you don’t have to queue at Genting. So how much?

  • Bus Ticket (one-way): RM 4.60
  • Skyway Ticket (one-way): RM 6.40
  • Total (one-way): RM 11.00

So if you plan to go back to bandar utama it will cost you RM 22.00 ($6)

This bus will stop precisely at the skyway terminal building so you don’t have to look another transportation to get there and i would not suggest you to because taxi driver in the area like this rarely use the meter and will cost you very high especially if they know you are a tourist or foreigner.

Unfortunately when i was there, still lot of renovation in progress especially for the outdoor theme park so not much can do. But for you who are enjoy with heights and cable car, i would surely recommend to take the skyway in the morning and back in the evening before the sunsets because there will be eerie fog for you on the way back.

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  1. hi morning..i am richard here..may i know bus from bandar utama ( selangor ) to genting got what time after 3PM pls ?? tq

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