Fixed: Push Notification Problem on Xiaomi MIUI for LINE and Whoscall

Several weeks ago, i put my Samsung Galaxy S3 to the rest and choose Xiaomi MI4i as my new companion as my communication assistant. But i found a little bugging problem for my two beloved apps: Line and Whoscall. Line is one of most popular instant messaging application for mobile platforms which enable you to send very attractive stickers and free voice calls to a friends. While the whoscall is very helpful to block the telemarketing and unwanted calls.

The problem is for unpredictable time, the Line and Whoscall apps services seems been killed by the system so when there is a Line messages or unknown caller (whoscall), the application notification not appears and at some time it makes my girlfriend a bit mad and i have to listen several calls from annoying telemarketing agent.

So, what’s the cause? Xiaomi system seems have a periodic garbage collecting like process that kills the unnecessary process includes Line and Whoscall. By default in another android platform, killed services can be auto started again and doing it’s works normally, but in Xiaomi MIUI platform there are security settings that prevent unspecified application from starting any process automatically (auto start)

Then the important things! What’s the solution? Surprisingly it’s very easy as just do some settings:

  1. Go to the “Security” apps (not from the settings, you won’t find anything there)
  2. Tap on the “Permissions” menu
  3. Tap the “Autostart” menu
  4. See whether not your application (Line, Whoscall, or another killed apps) have the autostart permission
  5. Set the autostart toggle to on
  6. You’re done

Make sure all applications that need to run services or push notification like instant messaging have this permission to do their works properly.

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