November 2014

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How To: Import Running Activity from Nike+ to Strava

Yeah… I got a new hobby: Running and our community getting bigger and bigger. At first i just using Nike+ Running and it’s a good application to keep you running as a beginner runner. Nike+ keep showing your friends running miles/kilometers so you will be motivated to pass them, and the feature which i love the most is the color code for your accumulated distances and yeah i still at orange level (>50km).

Okay then why the title is likely about moving from Nike+ to Strava? Strava is another choices when you talk about run tracking, then why? The main reason is the leaderboard feature and creating my own segment for that.

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Integrating GCC MinGW with Eclipse IDE

Recently, i need to work with C/C++ projects which i’ve never done it before in my job. I was working with HTML5/Javascript using Eclipse as it’s the Smart TV main IDE. I always know that Eclipse is a good guy and it should be able to do C/C++ development since i’ve seen C/C++ developer edition in download page, now the challenge is how to make my current eclipse (Smart TV IDE) able to compile and run the C/C++ codes.

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