South East Asia SamsungForum 2013

South East Asia - Samsung Forum 2013

Ah… finally i got a chance to write some post here again. ๐Ÿ˜€

A week ago, i was going to Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta. There was a South East Asia Samsung Forum 2013, many people there, all of Samsung Marketing guy from all across SEA gather to discuss many things, but that’s not my business. I were there to spot the latest generation of Samsung’s Technology… Let’s spot them

Samsung Ultrabook Series9

First thing! Samsung Series9 Ultrabook huh? My bad for the picture, we can’t see the greatness of this product but when you look it from the side you will know, it’s very thin like macbook air.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro

Ultrabook is already common? Here it is the new generation of notebook killer. I personally love this one most, a convertible devices: Laptop, Tablet, Notes. It’s all in one! Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro i think it can solve my needs at works and for entertainment ๐Ÿ˜€ Moreover with the S-Pen feature… Ah i want this one~~~

NX System - Single Lens 3D Camera

One of the innovation of Samsung’s latest tech guy here, NX System the single-lens 3D Camera. Usually we can found 3D camera and all of them using 2 lenses which illustrating our 2 eyes. But there the staff demonstrated that the camera over there (below tv) is live streaming to the Smart TV above and it’s showing 3D videos of ours watching the TV (watchception). Amazing!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

God… i haven’t got a chance to get any Samsung Galaxy Note products and now it already come again…. Galaxy Note 8.0 — wait… it’s 8 inches the most appropriate size in my personal opinion… But personally i’m not really like with the design with S3 like, damn it remind me with a 9gag’s post that iPhones got taller and Galaxys got larger, seems they got the point there.

Samsung Learning Hub

This is the last, i will save my post with Samsung SMART TV 2013 series on another post. Find that in this blog, personally it’s my working partner (The TV) and i have to say that this year i got an amazing partner, wait for our Indonesian apps on Samsung Smart TV.

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