October 2012

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Stereoscopic 3D Images Creator Software

Recently i’m learning some about developing a 3D application for my works and i got this interesting as i know that creating the media that can be displayed in 3D like we watch in cinema or Blu-Ray Disc is not too complicated for common people to do.

Let’s to the point in the start, just go to http://stereo.jpn.org/eng/stphmkr/ there is the stereoscopic 3D photo maker that can help us to create the 3D images.

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Samsung Smart TV Application: Playing 3D Media

3D Media become well-known feature on the latest TV products. It will give unique user experience for the users to show lively images right in front of their eyes. Samsung Smart TV bring possibilities to developers to create an application with 3D Media Playback feature. The requirements is just right 3D media format and Samsung Smart TV SDK and of course the real Smart TV device to try the result.

The common format of 3D media is side-by-side images or videos. It looks like the photo below…

Images from hdtvexpert.com

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