Samsung Smart TV Application: Hiding Mouse Cursor

Back to blogging again after several months get busy with work stuff…

Since working in Samsung Smart TV Application part, i have no time to explore any other interesting topics beside of Samsung Smart TV itself. But i think it’s still quite interesting to explore since they got the latest technology and features in their TVs. The 2012 Samsung Smart TV Series now give a gesture recognition feature which enabling our hand to be a mouse like in the PCs so this post will be how to hide the mouse cursor image, sometimes we need to hide this thing to give more stunning effects to the UI.

What we must know before and that’s the basic of the hiding cursor:

  • Samsung Smart TV 2012 Series Widget/Application Engine is using Webkit
  • The cursor image can be customized using CSS
  • Don’t forget to give “, default” in the cursor CSS
  • The image must be sized in 32 x 32 pixels
  • It cannot be completely transparent
  • Suggested to use PNG format

So the solution is using CSS with almost transparent image which sized in 32 x 32 pixels, you can create it by yourself or take mine which is fully free without any restriction even you sell it (if you can)

Mouse Pointer Image: blank_cursor.png

	cursor:url(, default;

UPDATE: For the latest firmware of Samsung Smart TV, the cursor can be hide just with <mouse>n</mouse> in config.xml

One Thought on “Samsung Smart TV Application: Hiding Mouse Cursor

  1. Hi there,

    How do I edit the config.xml to hide the pointer?

    Basiclly we are trying to use the TV as a display and the pointer wont hide.


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