Telkomsel 3445 Text Message

What the hell… Thursday evening, August 14, 2011 i got a message from 3445 telkomsel. It said that my phone bill already reached Rp. 770,079. First i think that message was system fault but after i checked again with *888# it said my bill already reached Rp. 900k OMG! The next thing that appear in my mind was the internet package so i checked it, “UL INFO” send to 3636 but it said that i didn’t registered any internet packages. That’s the problem, i still have a message that said i’m registered the unlimited internet packages until August 10th.

Next day, of course i’m going to telkomsel’s customer services, fortunately the CS said there is a system error so my bill will be recalculated and i can go home. Hwoa… that was a shocking messages i can’t imagine paying 900k just for a month for phone bill.

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  1. Fuck with telkomsel
    *no censored

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