Renewing Driver License at SIM Corner Tunjungan Plaza

Today i get my driver license or also known as SIM in Indonesian renewed. Renewing driver license today is very easy because there are some SIM corner which is located in a malls or shopping centers. One of them are in Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya, located at first building of Tunjungan Plaza (Tunjungan Plaza I / TP I) and can be seen from parking entrance, below the McDonald. SIM Corner in Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya open from 10 a.m till night, so i think this is the best place to get the driver license renewed. Don’t forget to bring the original and a copy of driver license which want to be renewed and the original and a copy of ID card (KTP).

First, i must give the driver license and ID card (with a copy of them) and bought the registration form and for me who want to renew both of A (car) and C (motorbike) driver license must pay Rp. 90.000 ($10) then go to the doctor for health examination. This step is annoying for me because there is no health examination at all, the health certificate was written without any test. Next, Fill the registration form then buy the bank voucher, the cost for A driver license renewal is Rp. 80.000 ($9) and the cost for C driver license renewal is Rp. 75.000 ($8) after this step, the registration step is done, just give the registration form to officer on registration desk.

What must be done next is waiting for call from other officer to validate the data and take my photo, fingerprint and signature which will be printed on new driver license. Next, wait again for call of the new driver license and the process of driver license renewal has been done. The total time that consumed for renewing the driver license was about 30 minutes and the cost was about Rp. 245.000 ($27).

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